Entrust partners with its clients to provide independent and insightful advice for skilled execution of M&A transactions, Joint Ventures, Divestitures and Spin Offs.


  • Evaluate strategic objectives of clients for future partnerships and find potential partners after assessing market landscape and market dynamics
  • Provide tailored multi-faceted valuation analyses
  • Evaluate and propose financial and strategic alternatives
  • Provide management teams with independent judgment
  • Coordination of due diligence process
  • Advise on the timing, structure, financing, and pricing of a proposed transaction
  • Assessment of possible synergies and their impact on valuation
  • Negotiation with the sellers and assistance during closing and post-closing phases


  • Conduct upfront due diligence to prepare clients for the process and potential challenges
  • Transaction structuring to ensure most efficient structure to realize the maximum value for selling shareholders
  • Preparation of marketing materials and guide the management in the marketing process
  • Identification of potential buyers
  • Initiating contact with the buyers and assisting in roadshow presentations
  • Assistance during the selection of the preferred buyer
  • Coordination and oversight during buyer due diligence
  • Support negotiations with potential investors on the transaction terms and documentation